Celebrating Deb's Birthday

August 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Celebrating birthdays is just as much fun as an adults as it was when we were kids. Lindsay, Allie, and I decided we had to have a small party for Deb's birthday this summer, including a pretty awesome Angry Birds cake/cupcake combo. We spent the evening eating cupcakes, telling stories, and laughing until our sides hurt. Deb has been an awesome long-time confidant, friend, and mentor, and we are glad to know her! 

Lisa's Summer in Jackson

August 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We were so excited to have Lisa join us in Mississippi for the summer. After living together for years (5 for me, and 24 for Lindsay), it was weird when Lisa moved to Tallahassee to go to Florida State a few years ago. When she is able to come visit during school breaks, we are able to act like college students again. For Lisa, this means reading a lot of books and playing on her laptop 24/7. Unfortunately, school started back this week, so Lisa headed back to Florida. It's going to suck not seeing her for a month, especially when we are so used to her cooking dinner every night! We'll miss you, Lisa! Come back... next week?

Cards Against Humanity

August 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

If you know Lisa at all, this won’t surprise you for a second—but she bought Cards Against Humanity this summer. If you’ve never played this hilarious (albeit ridiculous) game, you need to buy a deck immediately. The gist of the game is simple: horrify your friends with the dirty and hilarious things that come up in your set of cards. The dealer pulls a black card with a prompt and each player puts down a white card they think matches. The dealer then chooses which white card they think is the funniest (or most inappropriate depending on who you are playing with). It’s pretty much an adult version of Apples to Apples.

All that is to say- play this game with your mother. Or sister in law in our case. It’s fun to watch their horrified faces. 

Eat Local: Mr. Chen's Restaurant

August 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We are humongous fans of Mr. Chen's Chinese restaurant (and the attached Asian market) in Jackson. This love affair started with Allison inviting us to try bubble tea (Boba) with her because she was obsessed. Well, we were hungry, so we ordered food, and found our new favorite Chinese restaurant! Seriously though, the food = amazing. And because it's attached to an Asian market, we always spend time wandering around the store as well. We've hit a pretty solid rhythm of ordering Boba Slushes, Pineapple Shrimp and Pork Hot Pot, eating until we can't eat anymore, then attempting to walk it off by looking at the super adorable bowls and toys in the supermarket.

Michelle's birthday celebration

August 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Let me preface this post by saying Lisa and I have a pretty cool sister-in-law. We think she's pretty awesome, and (unfortunately for Michelle) we treat her like she's, well, a sister. That means she gets to hear us being weird or saying stupid things and spending too much money with us and being a major part of all of our culinary adventures. 

The week of Michelle's birthday (which was a while ago, since we are terrible at blogging), we decided that we had to have a cake with her while she was in Jackson. Like any true McMurtray, Michelle is always more than happy to enjoy a dessert (though, now she's trying to make it healthy by feeding us the most delicious vegan brownies in the world), so we gave her a strawberry cake from Broadstreet Bakery. It was amazing (like all baked goods at Broadstreet tend to be!). Happy 27th birthday, Michelle! Here's to many many more!