Labor Day in Tallahassee, Part Three

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Our last day in Tally started with Lindsay getting some snuggles from Princely (Kingsley's stuffed counterpart that lives with Lisa). Lindsay didn't want to head back to Jackson, so she decided to set up camp in Lisa's bed, under an incredibly comfortable duvet, snuggling a stuffed Collie, and playing on her phone. To finish out our list of "must dos" before Lisa leaves Florida, we headed to Voodoo Dog (a restaurant that created an entire menu of bacon-wrapped hot dogs? yes please!) for lunch. Lindsay got the Wake-N-Bake (bacon-wrapped hot dog with a fried egg), Lisa got the Tijuana (bacon-wrapped hot dog with guacomole), and I got the Jefferson (bacon-wrapped hot dog covered in mac and cheese). Hands down the best hot dog I've ever eaten. It definitely didn't hurt that the Voodoo Dog's atmosphere is like turning Lisa and her brother into a restaurant (all hipster/nerdy movie references).

After lunch, and a lot of pouting, Lindsay and I decided it was time to head back to Mississippi. I think we had all forgotten how much fun it is to spend time together, and as always when you leave vacation, going home was miserable.... especially when we hit standstill traffic about halfway across Alabama. Apparently everyone else was heading west after Labor Day at the beach, and we spent 2 hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Silver lining? We had plenty of time for photos of the inside of the tunnel.

Till we see you again next month- Keep it classy, Tallahassee.

Labor Day in Tallahassee, Part Two

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I am such a sucker for a good beach trip. As kids, every summer my mom would take us down to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a week with my two aunts and their families. There was always lots of noise and hot sand and splinters and laughing and tons and tons of eating. I have some fantastic memories of crab-hunting with my siblings and cousins, my Uncle Jimmy leading the way with a flashlight and a bucket and always dumping out all of the sand crabs on the porch when we were done. 

While our beach trips have changed since we've grown up and our family has changed (and, let's be honest- we actually all like to sleep in a bed now--I think we've all had our turn sleeping on a couch bed or the floor. Several of us have even had the privilege of sleeping in closets when the need arose), I still have an incredibly soft spot for those childhood memories. One of the things that Lisa hasn't done since she's moved to Florida is go to the beach. Tallahassee is landlocked, even if it's in a state known for it's beaches, so she's over 100 miles from a decent beach. After looking at recommendations online, we decided to drive about two hours southwest of Lisa's apartment to St. George Island. Everything we'd read said that was the best beach closest to Tallahassee-- and it was perfect. We ate lunch at a cute little place, The Blue Parrot, which was pretty crowded and kitschy but still the food was pretty good- and the beach view was nice. :) Afterwards, we headed down to the other end of the island, paid $6 to get into the state park, and found a beautiful spot to settle in for the afternoon. There were at least two big areas with big pavilions and rest rooms, along with small lots with beach access between. Because we aren't the biggest fans of crowds, we choose an in-between area-- and even though it was Labor Day weekend we still got a spot of the beach to ourselves and got to enjoy the afternoon pretty much undisturbed. It was a wonderful way to spend Labor Day Sunday! 

Labor Day in Tallahassee, Part One

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After being at home all summer, Lisa went back to Tallahassee last weekend. And we were pretty lost this past week without her cooking and overly enthusiastic opinions about coffee, music, and television shows. In fact, Lindsay and I missed her so much, we decided to drive to Talla-classy (our nickname for the side of town where Lisa lives- it has Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, and Trader Joe's, the food snob's grocery trifecta) after work on Friday for a surprise visit. Well, it was meant to be a surprise. Lisa figured it out about the time we passed the exit for Panama City because we were calling her a suspicious amount for 11:30 p.m. She WAS so excited to see us that she sacrificed a good night's sleep and took the couch so we could have a bed after our drive. Such a good friend, that one.

After sleeping in, Lisa decided we needed to do two things we couldn't do at home (Burgers at Wells Brothers and a trip to Trader Joe's), and one thing she just can't do without (Starbucks). At Wells Brothers, we had disgustingly delicious burgers (mine had bacon, cheese, peanut butter, and strawberry jam, Lisa said she wanted to throw up in her mouth because of it) and enjoyed watching all the undergrads who just moved back to school. Lindsay and I have been dying to explore Trader Joe's ever since Lisa's opened and she brought us some amazing food from there. We have a Whole Foods in Jackson, but I have to admit that I think Trader Joe's is better because it's way more affordable (and has a wide variety of junk food, which I always appreciate). We browsed the flowers, frozen foods, and candies before leaving a fair amount poorer than when we arrived. We also decided we would try our hands at keeping plants alive in our offices (I'm nervous about desk gardening!) and bought some potted plants for five bucks. Lisa then brow beat us into Starbucks (the 2nd of many coffee stops on this trip) so she could have the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. Somehow, Lindsay caught that moment on camera and Lisa vows to always cherish that photo.

Celebrating Deb's Birthday

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Celebrating birthdays is just as much fun as an adults as it was when we were kids. Lindsay, Allie, and I decided we had to have a small party for Deb's birthday this summer, including a pretty awesome Angry Birds cake/cupcake combo. We spent the evening eating cupcakes, telling stories, and laughing until our sides hurt. Deb has been an awesome long-time confidant, friend, and mentor, and we are glad to know her! 

Lisa's Summer in Jackson

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We were so excited to have Lisa join us in Mississippi for the summer. After living together for years (5 for me, and 24 for Lindsay), it was weird when Lisa moved to Tallahassee to go to Florida State a few years ago. When she is able to come visit during school breaks, we are able to act like college students again. For Lisa, this means reading a lot of books and playing on her laptop 24/7. Unfortunately, school started back this week, so Lisa headed back to Florida. It's going to suck not seeing her for a month, especially when we are so used to her cooking dinner every night! We'll miss you, Lisa! Come back... next week?